The Pandemic forced GRACE to change how we did nearly everything…but luckily as things are slowly returning to normal so are we. GRACE is excited to announce that volunteer orientations will once again be held in-person!

Our programs are only as good as our volunteers, and the compassionate care GRACE provides to over 5,000 family members each year is only made possible by the talented, selfless, and generous volunteers in the community.

Our dedicated team of volunteers log over 50,000 hours of service in a year, helping with an assortment of different tasks but with one common goal – helping our community become stronger and more compassionate. It’s a noble cause and one that we take on with the utmost sincerity. North Texans need your help and we are excited to help you do it.

The first way to get engaged is by attending the GRACE Volunteer Orientation, a one-hour informational session in an intimate setting that relays the scope of programs, addresses questions and—most importantly—determines which type of service projects would be best suited for your individual talents and resources.

“We believe that every person at every age and from every walk of life has God-given talents and resources to offer,” says Volunteer Manager Karen Wilson. “If there is a cause you care deeply about, we’re here to help facilitate a way to serve.”

We will continue to broadcast our orientation on Zoom but remember that nothing helps you feel prepared, motivated, and excited to volunteer like coming to GRACE and seeing what we do first hand.

Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to attend an hour-long orientation to find ways to get involved. Orientation dates and other information can be found on our website, so log in, sign up, and start making a difference today.