The amazing contributions of GRACE volunteers will be recognized at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Celebration, Friday, April 23rd. This year’s event will be celebrated virtually with the theme Volunteer Vacation…and after the weather we’ve had recently I think we can all agree that some sunshine and a warm sandy beach sounds pretty good!

“This past year has shown the true strength and power of our volunteer force,” said GRACE Chief Executive Officer Shonda Schaefer. “No matter how difficult things got we could always depend on our volunteers…I’m so proud of them.”

This organization simply could not exist without the thousands of people who have rolled up their sleeves to help their community over the decades. Annually, more than 2,500 active volunteers serve in essential capacities at all GRACE sites.

Lifelong volunteers serve at the Food Pantry and Donation Station. Medical professionals come from their clinics and hospitals to treat patients at the Community Clinic. Church, business, school, and social groups volunteer together on special projects. Volunteers drive Feed Our Kids and Christmas Cottage. Board members volunteer the benefit of their experience and influence to lead GRACE in stable and strong directions.

Each GRACE Department will recognize their top volunteers, and the GRACE Volunteer of the Year will be announced. There’ll be t-shirts and a bevy of fun beach goodies that we’ve prepared to say thanks, and, of course, a chance for all GRACE volunteers to receive acclaim and thanks for jobs well done.

Scan the code at the top of this article so you can sign up and be a part of this wonderful event.

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