This week members of the GRACE Family joined virtually to welcome another family into our Transitional Housing Program…a BIG family…we are proud to announce that Miss D and her 4 kids are in their beautiful new home, working towards a new life.

Preparing a home this large is no easy task, requiring maybe the largest team assembled for a project like this. Over 90 people were involved with getting the home ready for Miss D and her beautiful children. There were so many involved that I sent an email to White’s Chapel United Methodist Church’s Martha Reukema, project coordinator for the ‘Home with a Heart’ program, for clarification on all the wonderful people that helped make this house a home…

“Members of Women’s Ministry and Mary & Martha (groups within our church) made up the majority of the volunteers. They signed up and purchased the numerous gifts that were requested for our virtual shower for this family. The Mary & Martha group are literally the hands and feet of Christ! The ladies doing the additional shopping and decorating are from this group and those involved in this ‘Home with a Heart’ project were: Kay Abshire, Brooke Akers, Linda Alexander, Janey Bond, Judy Brissinck, PJ Luke, Heather Rowley, Jo Smith, and Carol White. Al Bender and Phillip Bressinck helped by putting beds together, mounting the TV on the wall and other activities. We could not handle these projects without our very own Dirty Dozen (although they have doubled or tripled in size now) led by Chris Rowley. The DD Team moved furniture for us which was a lot in this case with 3 bedrooms upstairs!  They also installed the washer and dryer and helped any way we needed…and my husband, Don Reukema, backs me up with whatever is needed.”

WCUM‘s Pastor Sterling Smith, blessed the home and gave words of support and encouragement to the very appreciative new resident.

“I came here to Texas searching for a new start with my children,” Miss D said.

“I found GRACE and can’t tell you how blessed we feel to be here and to be with all of you,” she added tearfully.

Welcome home, Miss D…we are so privileged to have you and your family as part of ours.