We hope you realize what an incredible impact you have on the lives of those who come through our Transitional Housing program. To be offered individualized care and encouragement in a safe, loving environment is a rare experience for most of our clients, who set out to utilize every opportunity before them.

Clients come to GRACE with diverse situations and backgrounds, but each Transitional Housing client has the same fundamental goal of achieving self-sufficiency for a healthy home.

By far their greatest desire when asked about goals involves continued education. For some, it’s obtaining their GED, and for others it’s completing their undergraduate program, attending a trade school or getting a specific certification.

Two Transitional Housing Clients Receive Scholarship

For the last three years, the Kathee Livengood Scholarship Fund has memorialized Livengood’s legacy of benevolence by opening doors to amazing possibilities for deserving women.

The Kathee Livengood Scholarship afforded *Donna the opportunity to complete her Laser Hair Removal certification through the Texas Department of State Health Services. Donna’s passion for a thriving field motivated her to pursue her Senior Laser Technician and Microneedling License, which will increase her revenue stream for her family.

According to *Kim, receiving the Kathee Livengood Scholarship was an answer to her prayers. Kim is completing her last year of school to become a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor. Kim has a heart for breaking the cycle of addiction that plagues so many families, and wants to set a new standard for parents in the home.

Thanks to the philanthropy through the Kathee Livengood Foundation, women like Donna and Kim have the tools and confidence to pursue lasting life goals that will bless their family and others.

Transitional Housing Celebrates  Youngest Donor

Speaking of children, another huge blessing came to GRACE through a pint-sized four year old named Evie. After learning that some women struggle with basic supplies, Evie hosted a drive in lieu of birthday gifts. The family and friends collected 534 liners, 214 tampons, 300 band aids and extra essentials including clothes, first aid supplies, toothpaste and baby formula!

CWS Corporate Housing Goes Above and Beyond (Again) to Serve Families in Need

We are indebted to CWS Corporate Housing, who, after completely revitalizing the Transitional Housing property and furnishing our apartments last year collected an additional donation of $3,100 to go to the Transitional Housing program! The funds were pledged by the corporation for the number of volunteer hours given by the staff. We sincerely cherish their partnership for meeting the need to make an apartment feel like a home.

GRACE Collaborates with Clients To Achieve Their Dreams

One last highlight we wanted to share with our GRACE family is the lasting difference they make after our clients have left.

As mentioned before, every client has different dreams and for Felicia, that dream was building equity in a home. Since her beginning at GRACE, Felicia worked with staff to weigh the obstacles with home ownership and determine a wise course of action.

GRACE worked with Felicia to manage her own finances, pay off old debt and trickle money into savings. The hard work paid off just over a year later, when she increased her credit score by 113 points! Felicia just received approval for a FHA loan. Felicia’s new lease on life after a season of struggle gives a whole new meaning to the term, “starter home.” Thanks for your support, Felicia will soon have the first set of keys to her very own home!

A special thanks to Evie and the Darr family, CWS Corporate Housing, the Kathee Livengood Foundation and the community for supporting and encouraging our Transitional Housing clients!


CWS Corporate Housing Staff presented a check for $3,100 to fund Transitional Housing programs

*Names were changed to preserve the privacy of the Transitional Housing clients