GRACE Transitional Housing graduates proudly wait to hear their names called at last year’s graduation ceremony.

With all the pomp and circumstance of a commencement event, six women and one man are completing the GRACE Transitional Housing program, and will celebrate their achievement on Monday, January 30, at the Bessie Mitchell House in Grapevine.

Though Ada A., Camille H., Crystal F., Felicia B., Luther H., Nadia A., and Jessica S. have reached life-changing goals already, the graduation will mark the conclusion of their two-year program with GRACE.

“Each participant has accomplished long and short term goals that lead them to independent and successful lives,” said Shonda Schaefer, GRACE Executive Director. “It is a true celebration, but also a chance to say our ‘goodbyes’ as well.”

The highly-structured two-year program focuses on improving life skills, education, employment and physical, emotional and spiritual health. Strong bonds grow among the participants, many who have created lifelong friends through the experience.

It is also natural that the same type of bonds grow between the program participants and the staff that counsels and oversees their progress.

“We are fortunate to know these courageous people,” said Jamé Scott, GRACE Transitional Housing Manager. “We understand where they’ve come from, and where they are headed. We witness their struggles every day, and we share in their joy when they reach their goals.”

GRACE Board President Don Johnston is scheduled to provide the commencement address—a charge to the graduates—highlighting their achievements in the program and their drive to continue on the path of self-reliance.

One such highlight will be the work of Crystal F. She is the single mother of two young boys. When she entered the Transitional Housing program, she immediately set her sights on finishing school and receiving her GED. She accomplished that in December 2015.

After passing all sections of her GED, she enrolled in a training program for Medical Assistants. She has now completed training and plans to continue her education towards a Registered Nurse degree and certification.

“We are very proud of her accomplishments and her commitment to her young sons,” said Stacy Pacholick, GRACE Director of Programs. “Crystal’s success is an inspiration to others in the [Transitional Housing] program.”

The event also celebrates the vision and value of the GRACE Transitional Housing program. The counseling-focused program provides the training and case management for families to break cycles of poverty, violence, and homelessness.

For more information, email Jamé Scott or call 817-305-4640.