Deb Hyatt and her staff from IBM Digital Sales took on a “tough job” at GRACE.

It was either a matter of “Timing is Everything” or “Be Careful What You Ask For”. A few weeks ago, Deb Hyatt, Digital Sales Manager for IBM, stopped by the temporary location of the GRACE Food Pantry.

After a brief talk with Pantry Manager Rusty Thigpen, she offered to take on any “tough” job he may have.

“We had JUST the job for them,” said GRACE Chief Program Officer Stacy Pacholick. Deb and her staff were assigned to empty a trailer at the Food Pantry.

Canned goods that had been in the April fire were being stored in the trailer. It was believed the food was good to eat. Unfortunately a health inspector recently deemed the food unsafe because of the high temperatures experienced during the fire.

“It was a hot, tough job but one that was done with great heart and compassion,” said Stacy.  “We cannot think them enough.” Deb told Stacy the job was an “adventure”, but they were happy to come out and help.

GRACE always needs good volunteers. Corporate groups are encouraged to contact Sarah Armand at 817-305-4655. Many times, customized projects can be arranged suitable for the number of volunteers, their skill levels, the time they can give, and other factors— “Tough Jobs” included.