Wright Family2

The Wright Family’s dedication to the GRACE Mission continues over generations.

The Wright Family is the title sponsor for the 2nd Annual GRACE Poker Tournament on Saturday, January 18.

To say the Wright Family’s dedication to Grapevine began with Joe Lucas Wright, is not at all fair to Joe’s mother and father, Mattie Mae Lucas and Lemoine Wright.

Mattie Mae and Lemoine strongly urged Young Joe along a path that led to him playing a major part in Grapevine’s success.

Travelling down Grapevine’s own Wall Street, just a bit east of a small stream called the Moorehead Branch, you will find The Wright Construction Company, still in the same location as it was when it opened in 1934.

The unassuming white house with the spreading oak trees and white picket fence has changed little, but the surrounding miles going out in concentric circles north, south, east, and west are a testament to the growth Joe envisioned for his beloved community.

Now the son of Balla and Joe, and his grandfather’s namesake, Lemoine, continues along the same dedicated path.

Lemoine continues to build—helping Grapevine’s economy on its upward trend, and also preserve—the history and character of the region.

Judy and Lemoine Wright have been longtime supporters of GRACE, and our efforts to help those in need get back on the road to self-sufficiency. Just recently, Lemoine has dedicated much of his time helping GRACE locate and secure a new home for its Donation Station.

Still, the generosity of the Wright Family for GRACE continues to grow. Lemoine’s daughter, Kindal, joined the GRACE Board of Directors in September helping guide GRACE into the future.

GRACE is continually grateful to the Wright Family for all the support, encouragement, and guidance they have provided in the past, and continue to provide to this day. Thank you.

2nd Annual GRACE Poker Tournament
Join the Wright’s and GRACE for the 2nd Annual GRACE Poker Tournament at Classic Wine Storage & Services. Ted Bilsky and Scratch Catering & Fine Foods will provide the nourishment for players and guests.

Poker pro Bryan Campanello will teach and guide players toward the first place prize of a Trip to Las Vegas complements of Shannon O’Brien & Frosch Leisure Travel!

Tickets are $1,000 for each player.  Players may bring along their “Lucky Charm” to attend as a guest.  This event is sure to sell out, so reserve your seat at the table today by emailing Events@GRACEGrapevine.org!