Sheela Bailey proudly donates $3,000 to GRACE–the proceeds from her Silver Anniversary Celebration at the Palace Theatre

Among the wonderful Easter goodies and Harry Potter, Dr. Who and QEII memorabilia, Sheela Bailey, owner of The British Emporium on Main Street in Grapevine, beams a broad and welcoming smile.

She has a great deal to smile about. Her store is celebrating its Silver Anniversary as the premier British grocer, tea merchant, and purveyor of hard-to-find imported teas, biscuits, chocolates, preserves, and fine groceries.

Secondly, a few weeks ago her concert featuring The Beatles tribute band, A Hard Night’s Day, filled Grapevine’s Palace Theatre to capacity. The lads rocked nearly the entire Beatles catalog of songs, and many in the crowd were overjoyed to sing along—every word and whoo!

Finally, Sheela’s hard work, all the concert arrangements, the wonderful Silent Auction that featured some fine Royal Doulton and other beautiful British porcelain, confections at the snack bar representing all corners of the United Kingdom and, of course, bringing back the Lads from Liverpool—all raised a very significant gift to help those in need.

Sheela’s concert raised $3,000! Congratulations on a phenomenal success, and many thanks for thinking of GRACE.

By-the-by, while Sheela has tons of the delicious Walker’s shortbread cookies in the Clan Walker Red Tartan, in all shapes including the traditional Scottish Dog, there is also a green tartan Irish Shortbread available for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!!

Erin Go Bragh. God Save The Queen!