Many people responded to last week’s “Red Letter” and the GRACE Pantry now has enough turkeys for the Thanksgiving food distribution. That’s the good news.

Thanks so much to all who donated to our urgent plea. Thing is, while we have the turkeys for next week’s food distribution, in about three more weeks, we will need turkeys for Christmas meals.

A little background is need: A short while ago we heard that one of our longtime donors, who gave us $10,000 each year to purchase turkeys, chickens and hams for the Thanksgiving and Christmas food distributions to our families, would be unable to find money in their budget this year.

Each year GRACE provides holiday meals to 950 families, we were in dire straits. The “Red Letter” did its job! We have enough money to buy all the turkeys we need for the Thanksgiving distribution which is next week.

In just a few weeks, though, we will need another 400 turkeys to cover the Christmas meals. A $15 gift will provide one family this Thanksgiving staple.  If you have been so blessed, and are able to provide for more than one family, please consider doing so!  Click: Each Turkey Matters!

Please consider making a contribution to GRACE this weekend so that we can purchase Turkeys in time for our families to enjoy the holiday!

If you are not able to contribute in a financial way, please include the families in our community who are in the midst of crisis in your prayers this holiday season!