Compass Christian Church in Colleyville rolled up to our Food Pantry this week with two buses FULL of donated items…an incredible donation from an incredible group of people.

It was all hands on deck when the not so normal donation was delivered to GRACE this week. Our friends at Compass Church Colleyville said they had a donation but we were truly shocked, excited, and honored when we saw the bounty of items that they unloaded on us.

GRACE’s Feed Our Kids program was the fortunate recipient of OVER 12,000 items including but not limited to snacks, cookies, pudding, fruit cups, juice boxes, and more!

“IT IS AMAZING!!  The thoughtfulness and generosity of each member warmed our hearts and will fill the tummies of our kids for the remainder of the summer feeding program.  Thank you for this awesome donation!  We are grateful!” Beth Chernik, GRACE Seasonal Programs Coordinator.

Every spare pair of hands at GRACE Main walked over to help unload boxes of food, drinks, and hygiene products that will go on the shelves of our Community Pantry and into the hands of local children as part of our Feed Our Kids program.

We love our friends and partners at Compass Church Colleyville, thank you for your kind hearts and hard work – you make a difference in the lives of so many!