Thank-you.jpgWe cannot say this enough.

Thank you, God, for giving us the blessing of no injuries during the fire we suffered last week.

Thank you to our neighbors who called 911 and without whom the damage would have been much worse.

Thank you to the firefighters who not only showed up to put out the fire, but then showed up again to volunteer on their day off! Your service, sacrifice and dedication is awe inspiring.

Thank you to the volunteers who have come out to help and continue to do so. You are what makes GRACE so special.

Thank you to the workers at the site who continue to work hard on building and rebuilding!

Thank you to all the members of the community including elected officials, community leaders, church partners, business owners and the community at large, whose support has been unwavering.

Thank you to all who have donated generously in our effort to rebuild and continue to serve.

Thank you to every single person or organization who has helped us spread our message.

Thank you to GRACE staff who without skipping a beat, stepped up to the plate and continued to help.

Thank you to GRACE Board Members and Leadership Team who have given us the guidance and strength to rise up and continue our mission.

Thank you, all Friends of GRACE.