We feel blessed to welcome another woman and her child into our family. Alexus and her three year old daughter, Madison, moved into their new home this past Monday, April 15. Alexus is a very driven and motivated young lady. We are so eager to welcome her into the GRACE family and assist her with achieving her goals. She is young, energetic and ready to go full speed ahead with going back to school and earning more income. She’s ready for guidance and to regain her independence.

Evident joy fills the home as GRACE CEO Shonda Schaefer gives her heartwarming pep talk and welcome to our eager recipient, Alexus.

This bright woman has worked as a preschool teacher the past four years, and is eager to march into her future with optimism and tenacity.  She has her sights set on becoming a paralegal. Alexus has also long had an interest in becoming a police officer as another career path option.  Luckily for her, four of Grapevine Police Department’s finest were in attendance at the Home Blessing and offered her the opportunity to visit them for a first-hand look at what they do.

As always, we are utterly grateful to the folks from White’s Chapel United Methodist Church for their ever-present passion and commitment to our Transitional Housing Program and clients. They always go above and beyond in transforming our apartment units into inviting and personable sanctuaries for our clients. Alexus’ new home was even decorated by the talent and eye of White’s Chapel volunteers who just so happen to be professional interior designers.

Transitional Housing Home Blessings are some of the most tremendously touching moments here at GRACE. To be in the midst of such lovingkindness poured out from nearly 30 individuals in this case, holding hands, heads bowed in prayer, there is no denying the presence of the Spirit in that place. Welcome home, Alexus!