Thanks to the tiny future leaders of the Canyon Creek Day School Pre-K class and staff for providing shoes and outfits for dozens of families in need this season!

Prior to the collection drive the class recounted all the seemingly-trivial items they relied on that day. The staff was conscientious about using this project as a teaching moment that not every child is guaranteed things we all take for granted, such as toiletry items, clothing, and a full pantry of snacks.

When these young hearts understood that some children are in need, they took to asking family members and friends for new and gently used clothing. The staff didn’t want to discount them for being young and challenged them to speak up and conduct themselves graciously. Before they knew it these Pre-K students filled the classroom bin!

This collection left a positive mark on these children and their families, who together helped restock our back-to-school inventory!

If you are interested in replenishing our Clothing Room, we particularly in need for boy’s shoes and additional spring and fall clothing for children. New socks and underwear are also a continual need at the Clothing Room.

All donations can be made at Donation Station (112 N. Scribner) or GRACE Main (610 Shady Brook Drive) during normal operating hours.

A special thanks to Kathy Birkett and the Canyon Creek Day School staff and students for reminding us we are never too young to make a positive impact on the community!