In 11 weeks’ time, your families, local businesses, civic groups and church congregations served 36,574 lunches to at-risk children every weekday this summer!

That’s over $180,000 worth of donated food invested in the fight to end hunger in our community. To put it in perspective, if you were to line 36,574 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches end to end, they would extend nearly three miles!

What’s more, GRACE has been able to provide supplemental food in conjunction with Feed Our Kids with our Mobile Food Pantry Program, GRACE Grocery Giveaway.

Food donated toward the end of the week is taken to vulnerable neighborhoods so that the groceries can be enjoyed over the weekend at the peak of freshness. This allows us to be the best stewards of our donations by ensuring it reaches families when and where they need it most.

GRACE Grocery Giveaway, which began in 2015, has met overwhelming success, providing nearly 700 households with $31,978 worth of food in 2016! Volunteers dedicated 286 hours to the summer program by setting up a farmer’s market with the kitchen staples at a selected at-risk neighborhood each Friday afternoon.

On behalf of the 3,200 family members and thousands of children you were able to serve through Feed Our Kids, THANK YOU for giving your time and resources to nourishing families this summer!

Psst—Summer may be over, but there is still plenty of ways to get involved at our Food Pantry. Download the latest Food Pantry Needs List the next time you shop for groceries, and stay posted for our Holiday Food Drive Needs!