Texas temperatures can heat a parked car up to 115 degrees without an air conditioner on. In the same way, a small home or apartment with no air conditioning can quickly preserve unbearable and unsafe temperatures.

When a client comes to GRACE with mounting or unpaid utility bills, Client Services works with the families through assistance, accountability and budgeting.

Thanks to TXU’s generosity, when a client comes to GRACE with a high TXU bill, Client Services is able to take care of a part (and sometimes even the whole) bill, freeing up families’ funds for other urgent expenditures.

The Low Income Energy Efficiency Assistance Program began at GRACE in 2003. In it, TXU granted funds for solar attic vents, window A/C units, ceiling fans, CFL light bulbs and more.

For those who are not TXU customers, their needs are assessed on a one-on-one basis and GRACE caseworkers determine which energy efficiency products will best serve each family.

Clients work with their caseworkers to determine the best solution, whether there is room in their budget to reallocate, or assistance is needed to bring their bill to ‘zero’ and find long term solutions to guide them toward self sufficiency.

The earmarked funds for utility assistance is a vital part of our program, and we strive to be the best stewards of these finite funds as possible.

If your family was able to cover your bill this month, we ask that you pray for your neighbors in need and prayerfully consider making a donation on their behalf.