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Shonda Schaefer   Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Simpkins   Director of Administration & Executive Asst. to the CEO
  Teresa Williamson   Director of Finance & Operations
  Lucy Tadrous   Accounting Associate
  JoAnne Quintero   Accounting Assistant
Mark Woolverton   Chief Development Officer
  Lora Atkinson   Grantwriter
  Lara Hohweiler   Director of Community Engagement
  Lindsay Williford   Marketing & Communications Manager
  Melissa Maraki   Special Events Manager
  Sarah Armand   Development & Volunteer Coordinator
Stacy Pacholick   Chief Program Officer
Client Services    
Marcela Melendez   Client Services Manager
  Vicki Yarnell   Intake Coordinator
  Wyatt Ince   Bilingual Caseworker
  Herman Vargas   Bilingual Caseworker
  Now Hiring   Bilingual Caseworker
  Lori Stevens   Seasonal Programs Coordinator
  Christine Szymaszek   Friends & Family Program Coordinator
  Food Pantry    
Rusty Thigpen   Pantry Manager
Keith Hills   Pantry Assistant Manager
  Clothing Room    
Dina Pesina   Clothing Room Coordinator
  Health Clinic    
Shirley Roberts   Clinic Nurse Manager
  Lesley Mitchell   Bilingual Certified Medical Assistant
  Fanny Vazquez   Bilingual Front Office Assistant
  Transitional Housing    
Jamé Scott   Transitional Housing Manager
Brittany Griggs   Transitional Housing Case Manager
Pam Basiloy   Director of Resale Operations
  Jana McGlone   Style & GRACE Manager
  Marsha Buckles   Style & GRACE Sales Associate
  Terri Haun   GRACEful Buys Manager-Grapevine
  Alex Shreve   GRACEful Buys Assistant Manager-Grapevine
  Theresa Craddock   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate-Grapevine
  Irene Orupabo   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate-Grapevine
  Now Hiring   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate-Grapevine (Part-Time)
Fernando Trevino   GRACEful Buys Warehouse Supervisor-Grapevine
  Kyle Buchanan   GRACEful Buys Warehouse Associate-Grapevine
  Barney Humphrey   GRACEful Buys Warehouse Associate-Grapevine
  Richard Russell   GRACEful Buys Warehouse Associate-Grapevine
  Mark Headley   GRACEful Buys Manager-Euless
  Manon Kelly   GRACEful Buys Assistant Manager-Euless
  Kelly Bradley   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate/Keyholder-Euless
  Maria Dunlap   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate-Euless (Part-Time)
  Sharon Reynolds   GRACEful Buys Sales Associate-Euless (Part-Time)
Kathy Mize   Donation Station Manager
Marta Lassan   Donation Station Assistant Manager
  Now Hiring   Donation Station Second Assistant Manager
  Fran Butterfield   Donation Station Production Associate
  Ethan Eaton   Donation Station Production Associate
  Tiffany Everett   Donation Station Production Associate
  Pamela Humphrey   Donation Station Production Associate
  Jennifer Martinson   Donation Station Production Associate
  Dianne Thrasher   Donation Station Production Associate
  Michelle White   Donation Station Production Associate
  Now Hiring   Donation Station Warehouse Associate (Saturday Only)
  Scott Evans   Donation Station Warehouse Associate
  Now Hiring   Donation Station Warehouse Associate
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