Leave it to the children of families in this community to take advantage of the summer by serving their neighbors in need.

We are awe-inspired by the third graders of Dove Elementary, whose grand exit for the schoolyear was a significant collection of care packages for at-risk children.

Thanks to their detailed collection, hundreds of children participating in Feed Our Kids this summer will enjoy a gift package of their own, which includes an activity book, chalk, snacks, crayons and other delightful trinkets.

GRACE’s youngest chef, seventh grader Daniel Henrick, put his skills to good use by selling his self-curated cookbook to friends and family, giving 100% of his profits to the GRACE Food Pantry.

We were inspired this weekend to have visit from Peyton and Matthew Mobley at GRACE Donation Station, where they gifted their toys so that other children could enjoy them.

Adults tend to complicate things when it comes to finding the time to serve others, but these examples teach us that giving from a pure heart means utilizing the resources that you have, however big or small.

Children also remind us that we all have something to give, whether it’s our time, talents or treasure.

No matter where you are in life, there is always room to serve someone else, and GRACE works hard to facilitate the bountiful goodness of this community.

A special thanks to the students at Dove Elementary, Daniel Henrick, Peyton and Matthew Mobley for helping us treasure what matters most.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Matthew 6:21