One thing that this time has taught us is the importance of family. One of the most curtail pieces of a family are moms, both blood and loved related. Mothers many times are our first teachers, nourishers, employers, and our own personal cheer team. They put in a lot of work and sacrifices to ensure that their family is well taken care of.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is a perfect time to celebrate these ladies who had a major impact on our lives.  One way to express the love that we have for them is with a gift. While who they are and what they do is priceless, it is always nice to show our appreciation.

GRACE is here to help you be a blessing to those that have blessed you. With our new GRACEful-e online store you can from the comfort of your own home celebrate the mom in your life.  With the same mix of elective, antiques and collectibles, décor, fine jewelry, and other unique finds as our storefronts. All items are available with “Buy It Now” pricing, and shipping is free for most.

Make sure to stop by GRACEful-e and find something special for your mom!  

For more information contact Dorcas Holloway at 817-305-4683.