Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day weekend. As you cherish your loved ones, consider one more way your heart can expand.

Participating in the Friends & Family program, which provides assistance and companionship to displaced or immobile seniors, is a much-needed avenue to extend your heart to someone in need of love.

The Friends & Family senior program was established after realizing the great gap of services for our local seniors. A closer look at our senior’s fixed income revealed that after covering medications and basic bills, very little was left over for food, gas and health equipment.

Moreover, many local seniors faced isolation from any family members and lacked the ability to even leave their homes for simple errands.Our services expanded from commodities to transportation and of course, the priceless gift of friendship.

Fortunately, our wonderful community has risen to the occasion to meet the physical and emotional needs of nearly 120 seniors in the community.  Still, there is much to be done to show God’s love to this generation.

To the extent that you are available to volunteer there are various ways to help the senior population through GRACE.

  • Host a Collection Drive
    • Adult diapers
    • Ensure
    • Walkers and wheel chairs
    • Clothing
  • Host a Food Drive for the Food Pantry
  • Drivers
    • Committed drivers and substitute drivers to take seniors to appointments, the grocery store, etc. (volunteers are given ample notice)
    • Delivery Drivers to deliver groceries from the Food Pantry twice a month
  • Phone Friend
    • This volunteer simply calls a senior on a weekly or regular basis to check in and chat
  • Pay Regular Visits
    • Sort mail and bills
    • provide companionship to seniors

Get started

Contact Friends & Family Manager Maryann Waddell to discuss your participation in this wonderful program.