We are so proud to have a dedicated team of people who cultivate and tend to our Community Garden, which yields an astounding 3,000 pounds of organic produce for GRACE clients each year.

The Community Garden is in need of funds and supplies to ensure clients receive the most nutritious fruits and vegetables possible. These loyal volunteers employee strategy, energy and sweat equity into making the most of the tools provided. They have put together a comprehensive list of needs to coincide with their regular planting dates (view full schedule here).

The funds will go to purchase garden essentials, including fertilizer, new seedlings, fencing and potting soil. This month the garden will start planting peppers and tomatoes for the summer with the new addition of tomatillos.

Last year produced an exciting addition of fruits including strawberries, raspberries, cantaloupe and watermelon—vibrant luxuries to a budget-conscious household.

The garden harvest is packed with more than fiber, vitamins and antioxidants—it’s also a tangible way to extend God’s love with the gift of nourishment. If you would like to contribute to the garden initiative, you can give online here.