There are many ways it pays to shop resale. The thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of a killer deal, and—unique to our community—the lasting impact it has on local families in need.

This post is speaking to our fix-it-yourselfers. You know who you are. But for those who have never experience how gratifying DIY projects can be, let us introduce some resale finds that make for the perfect Saturday project.

Thrifted Tray

tray.PNGThis tray makeover makes for a speedy project that requires a little bit of paint and a generic tray that can be found at either GRACEful Buys stores for pennies on the dollar.

Here the handles are embellished with twine, but you can get creative with gold metallic paint or strips of leather. Purchase acrylic paint and a foam brush from a local craft store, and you have a unique tray for around $5.

Monogrammed Plates

thriftplate.jpgA misplaced dish from grandmother’s china might not be impressive in its lonesome, but pair with three or four floral arrangements to make a charming monogrammed medley.

A growing trend in the craft world is upcycling old art or re-purposing a large frame. Many give old paintings new life by repainting over a canvas, or stenciling over the painting to let the old painting show through. There’s always the option to take out the art to frame something else.  One customer made custom art gallery in her nursery for less than $20.

Furniture Finds

furntiureAnd finally, for the fearless types there is the classic furniture makeover. Both GRACEful Buys locations have a longstanding reputation for the best furniture deals in town. A customer sent us her furniture makeover, and the finished product rivals what you would find at a high-end store for hundreds of dollars.

Perhaps most rewarding about your project is that it allows GRACE to meet tangible needs for families facing hardship. Every dollar generated from our resale store supports emergency relief and translates to warm meals, life-changing medical care, education and hope for the future.