If there’s anything better than being surrounded by your family at the table, it’s surrounding homemade buttermilk biscuits and all the fixins’ of an abundant weekend breakfast.

A grateful mother and GRACE client sent us photos of four dishes and multiple meals her family was able to enjoy together thanks to your donations at the Food Pantry.

Step into her kitchen for a menu of what this family was able to utilize with your generous support:

This mother was nearly brought to tears when she spotted bulgur and quinoa grains at the Food Pantry, which allowed her to make tabouli, a family-favorite Persian staple that yielded multiple meals for her family throughout the week.

Stories like this emphasis the importance of a self-select Food Pantry, which allows families to hand-pick groceries based each family’s dietary and cultural needs. When you are struggling through a difficult season, the comfort of familiar meal cannot be understated.

Take a look at this Mexican Creole fusion with seared sausage, pasta, fresh salsa and corn on the cob. We love how inventive this family was to make the most use of their gift!

Lastly, who can pass up some southern bean and ham slow cooked all day and a slice of jalapeno corn bread?

Our hope is that you’ve had a glimpse of the impact you have made on the life of one family, and hundreds of families in our community in the midst of a difficult life season. You’ve shared your blessings, and as a result, other families can gather around the dinner table to share theirs.