Yes, you read that right! You may have noticed (or panicked upon realizing) that it is already mid-November, which means retailers have covered Halloween, skipped Thanksgiving altogether, and have gone straight to Christmas!

And here at GRACE, we LOVE spreading a little holiday cheer!

Can you imagine having to choose between putting food on the table or watching your child’s face light up as they realize Santa paid them a visit?

Maybe you have been blessed to have never had to make that choice. Maybe you have been in a similar position before. Maybe you just want to make the holidays a little brighter for a family who is struggling.

Each year, GRACE is able to provide over 2,700 children and parents with Christmas gifts for the holidays. This dignified experience allows for moms and dads to select new, unwrapped gifts for their children that they can take home and prepare to put under the Christmas tree.

Of course, this program would not possible without the help and support of the community.

This year, we are already seeing the increase in need for the Christmas Cottage. Not only is our client base need higher due to the effects of COVID, but other similar programs in the area have had to make the difficult decision to close their doors for this season of giving. Without a doubt we will be seeing much higher numbers than even we originally anticipated!

We need your help in the following ways:

  • Volunteer- You or your group can help out at the Christmas Cottage. Shifts next week! Please sign up today by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator at or call 817-690-4136.
  • Donate Toys- The Cottage needs list can be found on the GRACE website by clicking HERE. If you would like to host a toy drive or event benefitting this program, please contact or call 817-305-4672.
  • Charitable Contribution- You can make a financial gift for the Christmas Cottage by visiting our donation page HERE. For more information, please contact or call 817-305-4653.
  • Pray- Please continue to pray for those families who are struggling this holiday season as well for the volunteers, staff, and supporters as they work to meet the need!