24 Hours

24 Hours of GRACE is March 27

The annual “24 Hours of GRACE” campaign will launch on Tuesday, March 27. During that one day, we will ask you to make a gift to GRACE and send the request on to your friends.

In 2017, “24 Hours of GRACE” help fund GRACE services through the start of the summer months, with an assistance by donors who helped the campaign go “viral.”

We ask for you to be a campaigner for GRACE and spread the word about “24 Hours of GRACE” to your friends! Every Friday this month will feature reasons you can share with your friends when asking for their support.

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Of the 5,100+ people who came to GRACE last year, 44% are children 17 years  old or younger.
  • 85% of GRACE Transitional Housing clients have suffered domestic violence, sexual abuse or neglect.
  • Over the last five years, GRACE gave 8,288 bundles of clothing to children, and nearly 11,000 pairs of shoes.
  • Over the last six years, GRACE Community Gardens produced 8,527 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables for GRACE clients.

We hope to build on last year’s “24 Hours of GRACE” success, and we can reach even more people with your help!

Start now! Reach out to your friends and associates and let them know what GRACE does to help those in need. You can drive the campaign viral—GRACE needs your help now more than ever.

Look for more reasons you can share with your friends next week. And please, when “24 Hours of GRACE” arrives, please give generously and ask your friends to do the same.