This year North Texans don’t have to wait until North Texas Giving Day (September 17) to be a Giving Hero and help GRACE.

Donors can schedule gifts now before North Texas Giving Day even begins! Scheduled giving is open now and we hope that everyone will participate.

Throughout the year a pool of funds are raised as an incentive for the North Texas community to invest in causes they care about most. The collected funds are then redistributed to organizations based on participation of their donors with online gifts.

Giving on North Texas Giving Day is a timely way to make your dollar go a little further. As with all donations made to GRACE, every dollar is maximized to bring food, clothing, shelter and medical care to local families in the midst of hardship.

North Texas Giving Day not only raises money for organizations like us, it also raises awareness for the volunteerism that helps make GRACE possible.  
Make a gift today and help GRACE create a better tomorrow.

Donations for North Texas Giving Day can be made here!