Nothing prompts us like the promise of a new year to get in control of our health, our career, or other personal goals to for a higher quality of life.

Those who come through GRACE’s doors are no different, but their ambitions are some many of us take for granted.  Some clients may wish to complete their GED, purchase a family car for job transportation, or pay off staggering medical bills.

GRACE is a haven for individuals looking to improve their lives through goal setting. Our assistance goes hand-in-hand with education and training to guide clients toward self-sufficiency for stronger family units.

Here are just a couple examples of how GRACE strives to empower families:

FAITH Program

Families And Individuals Towards Hope (FAITH) is a GRACE service model that navigates families on the brink of homelessness toward a promising path of stability through measurable steps and regular accountability.

Those enrolled in FAITH collaborate with their advocate for a minimum of 90-days. Each intensive plan is carefully monitored and requires weekly accountability and ample oversight. Small, reasonable steps are set in place to accomplish major goals, such as finding employment, paying down credit cards or knocking costly habits.

Last month, an unemployed married couple received their last form of assistance as both are gainfully employed! Another FAITH client is pursuing a second job to accomplish his goals to building a better future.

Job Training 

Knowledgeable GRACE volunteers with a knack for business instill job principles to clients through resume building, mock interviews, job search, and networking strategies.

“My role at GRACE is part educator and part coach. As an educator I help clients better understand the technical and process related aspects of finding work,” said Volunteer Job Trainer David Rea. “Quite often, however, what clients really need is a coach who will listen, encourage, and challenge them. By filling these roles I believe GRACE is helping to lay a foundation of knowledge as well as confidence for clients to weather any future employment challenges.”

Preventative Classes at the GRACE Community Clinic

Beyond receiving primary medical care, GRACE strives to equip families with the tools and education to make measurable changes that will sustain their family long term.

Onsite classes have allowed clients to take ownership of their health, including Cooking Matters, Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Care, Self-Care Behaviors, Chronic Disease Self-Management, and Smoking Cessation, along with multiple healthy lifestyle and fitness courses. This has empowered many families to reduce their grocery bill, lower their blood sugar levels and the reduce risk for or eradicate chronic illness.

Showing families how to budget their meals and take these types of steps equips them to take ownership of their health to reduce the need for insulin and other costly medications.

Transitional Housing

Caseworkers collaborate with Transitional Housing residents on a continual basis to set benchmarks and encourage progress with education, budgeting, job opportunity, and emotional and spiritual wellness.

Vocational experts are regularly brought in to mentor, encourage, and help residents apply life skills that can land their next job, save for their first home, or pay off debt.

2018 holds so much promise for families that are overcoming painful life obstacles. Please continue to pray that the choices they make strengthen their families for brighter futures.