After celebrating the birth of our Savior and the promise of a new year, what better than to announce the birth of a special little boy and exciting new paths for our Transitional Housing clients?

kyleThe world welcomed Kyle on New Year’s Eve morning, with a healthy weight of 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Kyle’s mother, who is currently in our Transitional Housing program, would have had much more to carry if not for the love and support of this community through GRACE.

Crystal, another Transitional Housing client,  is beaming in the above photo because her mom and two young sons threw her a surprise celebration. It hadn’t been an easy road, but Crystal just received her GED and is enrolling in a Dental Assistant program.

It can be easy for those of us who have lived in an affluent culture to miss the tremendous courage it takes to advance your education when circumstances have derailed the conventional path. Thanks to the encouragement and accountability measures given by the GRACE staff and volunteers, women like Crystal have the tools to carve out a better way with a newfound confidence.

You might not be able to see it, but please know that you are a part of changing personal lives in such an intimate and lasting way through GRACE. Mothers are able to care for their children in a safe, stable and loving environment.

As we thank God for His provision over those in our community in distress, we ask that you continue to pray on behalf of our clients for strength only the Lord can provide.

If you’d like to donate baby items or serve with Transitional Housing, contact Transitional Housing Manager LaDondra Wilson at