GRACE is always working to find new ways to help our clients grow, and a new partnership with a local E-Learning company is providing fantastic technology to do just that.

Recently one of our partners, 6 Stones alerted us about a new E-Learning app that they felt would be perfect for our clients. Headquartered in Grapevine, AdvanceNet Technology Services provides online learning classes to the social sector.

Available thru computer or smart phone, AdvanceNet Technology Services allows our clients to learn valuable lessons from world class firms like Accenture, Microsoft, and the FDIC in subjects including financial literacy, job and career recruitment, and E-mentoring.

Live training events and soft skill training like workplace skills are also available, allowing each student an opportunity to learn different skills that will truly benefit their lives and careers.

COVID-19 caused real problems with how GRACE approached learning and skills training. Not being able to send clients to partner agencies, or having them come to us left a gap in education that we needed to overcome. This program is a perfect way for us to help keep our clients learning and growing.

“This app was something that GRACE was very interested in. Before COVID we had training for employment and financial education for our clients. We did this in multiple ways including having our own volunteers that focused on these core skills or by partnering with other nonprofits that had these programs. COVID required us to change the models of our services,” said Marcela Melendez, GRACE Client Services Manager.

“When we learned of the Learning Management System it fit our need. It was easy to use and we could customize learning requirements based on the wide curriculum that AdvanceNet Technology provides – it’s phenomenal.”

The app also works well with existing GRACE programs like FAITH that require specific achievements from its participants.

“Ease of access was a big aspect of this for us…our clients needed to be able to connect to these programs on their phones as well as their computers,” Stacy Pacholick, GRACE Chief Program Officer. “Clients can follow their given course load or add extra training if they want, and caseworkers can track their progress. It’s a huge leap in our ability to serve clients.”

Partnerships with organizations like 6 Stones and with companies like AdvanceNet Technology Services are a perfect example of how GRACE is pairing a traditional model of service with futuristic technology to help our clients live their best lives.

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