For three weeks each summer, those who are being served commit to giving back. The mothers of Shady Oak mobile home estate prepare home cooked meals for the neighborhood children during Feed Our Kids.

The neighborhood that is most vulnerable to food insecurity is where these mothers and their children call home. Despite the struggles that these families face, their desire to be hospitable outweighs their low hourly wages and strenuous work schedules.

Since 2008, the team of mothers has collaborated with First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Grapevine to prepare the food at the church kitchen to be delivered fresh out of the oven.

First United Methodist Church has been intentional to pursue an ongoing relationship with the community, hosting parties and collaborating with the City of Grapevine for swim lessons, pool time and other activities for children to enjoy.

Members have also painted 15 of the 40 mobile homes, and helped with repair work to beautify the campus.

“We want to take part in showing our neighbors the gifts that God has given them to be a voice in our community,” said Rev. Armando Alvarado, Associate Pastor of Hispanic & Mission Ministries. “We spent a great deal of time listening to the Shady Oaks community. We empower ownership by taking time to understand their issues, and work together.”

Rev. Alvarado cited an example just this week of the ripple effect of service.

A Shady Oaks resident and FUMC member called Alvarado just this week wanting to help GRACE in any way he could. He had just purchased a power washer for his line of work, and he wanted to wash the entry sidewalk of GRACE free of charge.

These acts of selflessness are modern glimpses of what the command means to wash each other’s feet.

On behalf of the children and families who are blessed by these relationships and act of service, thank you to these mothers, fathers and members of the FUMC community for sharing God’s love in such a tangible way.

“And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us…” Psalm 90:17