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Must Love Fabric donating masks to GRACE Community Clinic. 

Over these past couple of weeks, we have seen people be extremely creative in the ways they are giving back. With more time on their hands, people are utilizing old skills and discovering new ones.  People are starting to realize that they can help make a difference in more ways outside of reaching into their pockets.  

GRACE is extremely grateful to be on the receiving end of people’s creative giving!  

Must Love Fabric is a store specializing in the needs of quilters, located in Grapevine, TX.  As with many other businesses, owner Phyllis Lively temporarily closed her brick and mortar store and shifted her focus to selling online. However, after hearing from customers that medical staff and others on the frontlines needed masks, she adjusted once again to help. Phyllis assembled a group of volunteer quilters to help with her new mission. Together with her team of quilters, she started to distribute masks to first responders throughout the community.      

When news of the work that Phyllis and her team were doing reached the ears of Shirley Roberts, GRACE’s Clinic Nurse Manager, she jumped at the chance to learn more and to find out how she could purchase these masks for GRACE.  

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Phyllis, however, decided to donate the masks to GRACE instead.  Within two days, Must Love Fabric donated 200 beautifully-made cloth masks to the GRACE Community Clinic.  Phyllis and her team of quilters are doing an outstanding job of filling a huge need in our community to keep everyone safe. 

Another way people are giving back involves employing technology to meet needs. We have seen the enhancement and creative use of technology first hand as individuals use their skills and expertise to create other types of needed protection  

Face Shields 2Coby Warner, a senior at The Clariden School of Southlake, came up with an idea that used technology to help protect medical providers such as his mother who is a doctor at Dallas Anesthesiology Associates.  With the help of two fellow students and their teacher, they began the process of creating face shields. Coby and his team were able to use their technology talents and a 3D printer to mass-produce the shields that have been distributed to multiple healthcare facilities. Thanks to their efforts, the GRACE Community Clinic was grateful to be blessed with 100 face shields! 

Whether it’s sewing, printing, cooking, taking photos, or praying, there is always a way to give back and help support others. GRACE is extremely thankful for all the creative individuals that used their skills to give back.