Molly In-Kind Gift

The staff at Molly Maid have selected GRACE  and the Transitional Housing program as one of their charities of choice. 

Katrina Keith’s Molly Maid home-cleaning service has generated more than $14,600 to support GRACE services since 2010. Katrina’s staff donates 10 cents from each home cleaning to GRACE. And every year, the donation increases as her business grows in the DFW area.

Katrina welcomed GRACE’s Chief Development Officer Mark Woolverton this week to her new offices at 1170 West Main Street in Lewisville. The Molly Maid staff presented a contribution of $2,441 for GRACE Transitional Housing—that’s 24,410 cleanings this past year!

Katrina’s service is modeled on providing professional cleaning, and specializing in residential settings where the standards are naturally high. Molly Maid housekeepers guarantee home owners’ satisfaction, and accommodate all personal cleaning preferences. The aim for every home is to create a cleaning plan that respects and saves homeowners’ time, and keeps their homes just the way they like it.

Supporting local charitable causes is part of the Molly Maid philosophy, as well. The Ms. Molly Foundation was established in 1996 to support victims of domestic violence. Their mission is to increase public awareness of domestic violence and to provide support of shelter and agencies, like GRACE, that embrace victims of domestic violence and works with them to restore their lives and futures.

“We believe all people deserve to feel safe in their own homes,” said Katrina. “The tragedy of domestic violence continues to grow, but we hope our works helps to stop the cycle of violence and give victims a second chance at happiness.”

GRACE Transitional Housing shelters individuals and families who have experienced domestic abuse, and others who are homeless or in imminent danger of homelessness. The program provides safe, stable housing and supportive services to develop and enhance self-sufficiency.

Program participants receive services for up to 2 years, including customized counseling and life skills training. Each participant’s length of stay is individualized and based on goal achievement and the continued need for services.

The housing philosophy and practices are based on the belief that people are most likely to thrive in a solution-driven atmosphere and a strengths-based approach is practiced.

“I am so proud of Molly Maid, along with our customers and staff,” said Katrina. “Our work is truly making a difference in the lives of those in our communities who are affected by domestic violence.”

Learn more about the work of Molly Maid throughout the country at Click here for more information about GRACE Transitional Housing, call Brittany Flewellen at 817-305-4641.