To date GRACE’s Mobile Food Pantry has supplied 513 at-risk households and 2,406 family members with over $23,500 worth of produce and kitchen staples this summer!

The Mobile Food Pantry ensures perishable food donated at the end of the week can be enjoyed over the weekend at their peak of freshness.

Each Friday during the summer, 10-20 volunteers unload a truck filled with produce and kitchen staples to be given to families in neighborhoods where residents were most vulnerable to food insecurity.

In a similar fashion to the Food Pantry, GRACE Grocery Giveaway maintains the dignity of each family member by allowing them to choose the food that works best with their family’s dietary needs and preferences.

The tables are set up like a farmer’s market, stocked with impressive items such as yams, cabbage, walnuts, cranberries and oranges.

Families would not be able to walk away with healthy grocery items if it weren’t for a dedicated team of volunteers to power the project and of course, our incredible donors who steward their resources to the community.

The campaign runs through August 19, which facilitates two GRACE Grocery Giveaway shifts after today’s shift.