Everyone wants reassurance that their investment in a meaningful cause is maximized to its fullest potential. In the same way, GRACE continually strives to be the best stewards of every dollar given to make sure it is invested to meet the greatest need.

That’s why we are so thrilled to partner with North Texas Giving Day on September 22, a 24-hour event that amplifies each dollar given to local charities from a collected pool of two million dollars.

Here’s where the magic happens: all online donations made between $25-$50,000 here on September 22 are subject to additional funds from the pool dedicated to 2,000 charities in North Texas. Plus, each dollar given increases GRACE’s chances of winning bonus funds up to $10,000!

How you and your family can participate:

  • Save the Date on your Digital Calendar– With so much going on, a calendar appointment sure does help these days! If you want to be ambitious, set a reminder date one week before to let you know North Texas Giving Day is coming.
  • Make it a family game– Challenge your children to perform chores or mow their neighbors’ lawn for extra allowance money. Host a bake sale with family friends and donate the proceeds on North Texas Giving Day by making an equal online donation.
  • Encourage Others to Give– Consider you can spur your friends and family into finding creative ways to give on this important day. Share the event Facebook event and social media feeds so that your friends can also getting excited about giving back.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook by tagging #GRACEGrapevine and #NTXGivingDay @NorthTexasGivingDay.