A year and a half ago we introduced the GRACE family to Luther, a 36 year-old single father with his then 12 year-old son. A series of tragic events led him and his son on the brink of homelessness. You can read Luther’s story in his own words here.

By his own admission, the emotional hardship of personal loss left Luther in a fragile state that the pressures of life too heavy a burden to carry on his own.

As soon as Luther entered the Transitional Housing program, GRACE collaborated with our counseling partners, including Senior Adult Pastor Frank Roberson, LPC, MAMFC of First Baptist Grapevine to meet with Luther on a regular basis.

Roberson’s unique ability as a seminary-trained pastor and state licensed counselor allowed him to forge a relationship with Luther and present coping strategies when dealing with relationships, life events and grief.

Luther is an example of how individualized care and holistic support is a vital element in guiding a family toward self-sufficiency. Luther had the education needed to advance his career, and the drive to give the best for his son. But having a support system and professional support invigorated Luther to emotional wholeness, employment and confident fatherhood.

Luther had the courage to share his experiences during the recent Transitional Housing graduation, and we are happy to report that Luther is moving forward assured, equipped and determined continue a path of self-sufficiency.

luthersingingAfter his remarks he was compelled to share a song that had great meaning to him while in the program. Aside from being a talented musician, Luther sang with such a profound conviction that the audience will never soon forget the chorus:

Jesus take from me/All from the pressure, pressure, pressure/to be someone that you did not create. I just want to live for you, nobody else–just you

Luther’s journey has taught us that “casting your burdens to Jesus” requires love, vulnerability and courage. Please continue to pray for the emotional wellbeing of all our clients as they lean on God and his people to pursue an abundant life.

“Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” –Galatians 6:2