Many of us have set out to improve the curb appeal of our home to make it seem more welcoming to guests and passersby. For those in our Transitional Housing program, feelings of home eventually fade away or elude them after prolonged violence, despair or crisis.

Valspar and the team at CWS Corporate Housing understood the importance of creating a comfortable refuge for our clients by giving a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the Transition Housing residents’ homes.

CWS Corporate Housing donated the manpower, and Valspar donated all of the paint and supplies for the beautification project.

Last year CWS Corporate Housing, the 2015 GRACE Volunteer Group of the year, provided new landscaping, plumbing and furnishings to the apartments, going so far as to donate their personal time off and collect a pool of over $3,000 to complete the projects.

The transformation of the Transitional Housing grounds is a picture of accomplishment, much like the Transitional Housing clients’ ability to overcome trials with accountability and encouragement.

A special thanks to Valspar and CWS Corporate Housing for investing their time and resources to improve the lives of our clients!

 About GRACE Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing clients participate in a comprehensive two-year program that equips clients for success through accountability, skills training and encouragement in a structured, safe environment. Many of the clients come to GRACE Transitional Housing after experiencing domestic abuse or an emergency situation that has jeopardized their safety or livelihood.