As the leaves fall and the air crisps, everyone is counting down the days until the table is filled with their favorite holiday dishes. For some, we worry about this year’s round of controversial topics at the dinner table, while for others, it is whether there will be anything on the table at all. 

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, there are plenty of opportunities to make the holiday memorable for families experiencing financial crisis.  

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, a tangible, effective way to share hope with those in our community facing the hardship of job loss, illness or limited income, is volunteering your time, hosting a food drive, toy drive or considering a financial donation to GRACE. 

Last year, due to your generosity, GRACE was able to provide almost 400 families with all the ingredients to prepare their own Thanksgiving meal. Your generosity continues to blow us away, as we can already say there is an abundance of food items in need of to sort, package and distribute! This process takes place in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, so spread the word and bring a friend!  

Last week, the Dads’ Club from O.C. Taylor Elementary brought in and loaded 288 turkeys into our freezers for families to enjoy. A huge thank you to them and every food drive, family and individual who helped us reach our goal this year.  

Collecting holiday food is ideal project for church congregations and small groups, civic groups, service clubs and troops. There is a specific Holiday Needs List that is seasonal, and an ongoing Food Pantry List that is updated each month to reflect the real-time needs of families throughout the year. We have officially stopped taking donations for our Thanksgiving event, but we welcome anyone wishing to get a head start on our Christmas needs list! Both the Holiday Needs and Food Pantry lists can be found on the GRACE website. 

We are thankful in advance for sharing your blessings with families in need! 

All Christmas items can be dropped off at the GRACE Food Pantry  before December 17, 2021.