The First Quarter 2021 GRACE MVP Award winner received multiple nominations based on Exceptional Customer Service, Outstanding Attitude, Interdepartmental Relations/Teamwork and Excellence in Mission.

This person resides in one of the most unique positions here at GRACE. One nominator stated they cannot count how many times they have reached out to this person to help out with the success of their department and every single time the answers are polite in manner as well as polite in person. This person is dependable and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This person has been pivotal in the daily operations of Transitional Housing and it was stated “I don’t know what we would do without him.”  He does a great job supporting all departments, but did especially great work by jumping in to help the Christmas Cottage with all of the deliveries while never missing a beat taking care of his own daily duties. His kindness & diligence are greatly appreciated.

The First Quarter 2021 GRACE MVP Winner is: LaMon Walker, GRACE Assistant Operations Manager.

LaMon grew up in Amory, Mississippi and after getting a degree in Marketing from Mississippi State University he moved to Texas to be closer to his girlfriend Bali, who was attending Nursing school.

“I’ve had a bunch of very different jobs. I’ve worked in sales, I worked as a branch manager for a loan company, a trucking company, a car dealership, I even did door to door sales when I first moved here,” LaMon said.

“I’ve never had a job where I felt like I was helping people. I applied at GRACE for two main reasons, it’s a Christian company and they’re actually helping the community. In my previous jobs…I knew I wasn’t actually helping anyone, I was just doing what was best for the company. At GRACE, I feel like everything I do actually helps people so that drives me to do even more.”

As Assistant Operations Manager of GRACE, every day is different, which LaMon say he prefers. Mr. Walker wears far too many hats to count but examples of his contributions include overseeing maintenance for our trucks and buildings, IT support, he pitches in on handy-man duties, truly anything that our staff or volunteers need, LaMon makes sure they get it.

“I read a description on the website and I thought I had an idea of what GRACE did but once I got here and saw everything, it blew my mind. Transitional Housing is my favorite program, the amount of work that the volunteers and staff do, the way it helps the lives of those families – it’s unbelievable.”

A true motorhead, LaMon loves working with his brother on race cars and engines, he is also working on his pilot’s license with hour’s currently logged flying a Cessna 172.

When asked if he was surprised by the MVP award, LaMon had this to say.

“I was surprised, but I don’t focus on awards, I’m not doing this for recognition. I like helping people – anytime someone asks me for help, I’ll drop what I’m doing and help you. I’ve always wanted to be a servant, I feel like that’s what I get to do here at GRACE and that’s why I love it.”

Thank you for all that you do LaMon, congratulations on a well-deserved award!