Ballpark snacks were a big hit with the Transitional Housing families at the Rangers’ game.

“For Earth. For Life.” The motto of the Kubota Tractor Corporation was given full meaning this week when the company gave the use of its luxury suite to families in the GRACE Transitional Housing program.

While the Texas Rangers hosted the Tampa Bay Rays below, the private suite at Globe Life Park in Arlington was alive with chatter, delights and plenty of ballpark edibles.

The experience was a first for many of the GRACE clients, said Jamé Scott, MBA, MSW, Transitional Housing Program Manager.

“What an amazing time,” exclaimed Jamé. “The view was wonderful and the families had an incredible time. The children were even given Rangers certificates that said it was their first ballgame!”

Jamé credits Chris Balsly at Kubota and Mary Jo Tellin at the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce for the thoughtful gift.

“Mary Jo told Chris about our [Transitional Housing] program,” said Jamé.  “They gave our families a chance to have fun and create memories.”

Jamé said one of the greatest surprises for the families—especially the children—was the amount and variety of ballpark food.

“The awesome suite had the works in it!” she said. “[It] was stocked with every snack anyone could wish for: hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the fixings, a nacho bar, and snacks galore.”

Jamé expressed how times like these are hard to come by for families in the Transitional Housing program.

Many enter the program from abject poverty or domestic abuse. Most come to GRACE with little but the clothes on their backs. While they rebuild their lives, and plan for their futures during the two-year program, experiences like a night out, a movie, or a professional baseball game are very rare.

“Thanks to Kubota,” said Jamé, “From the two-month-old baby to the eldest adult there, many laughs and jokes were exchanged and lifetime memories were created.”

For more information about the GRACE Transitional Housing program contact Jamé Scott at 817-305-4640.