The high spirits and can-do spirit of the JPS Executive Team made light work of a stifling hot day at Donation Station.

More than twenty hospital administrators  led by Robert Earley, president and CEO of JPS Health Network, ventured to GRACE Donation Station on Thursday morning.

As temperatures climbed well into the high-90s, a group of the JPS volunteers joyfully greeted donors in the drive-through, helping to unload donated boxes and bags of clothing and household goods.

As a group finished their shift outside on the hot drive-through, they came inside for a cooling breather and rehydration. Another group of JPS leaders immediately took their place.

Inside, other volunteers sorted and boxed items for GRACE clients, tagged and hung clothing for GRACE resale locations, and stored seasonal items for later use. And waited for their turn in the drive-through.

Despite the recent weather, Donation Station on North Scribner Street in Grapevine continues to be one of the most popular sites for volunteer groups. It is one of the few GRACE sites where more than 20 volunteers can serve together, making it a favorite for many corporate, church, and youth groups.

The impact of their volunteer service is instant. Volunteers experience the importance of knowing the clothing, housewares, bedding, and other essentials they are sorting will soon be on their way to those in need.

While the first sort at Donation Station is always for our clients, other items not needed by our clients, are tagged for resale in one of three GRACE stores. Revenues from the GRACEful Buys stores in Grapevine and Euless, and at Style & GRACE, account for 25% of the direct cost for client services.

Even the remaining donations are valued. Branded t-shirts and other clothing not suitable for sale in the GRACE stores are sent to missions serving the poor in other countries; and companies buy clothing and others items in bulk generating additional revenues to support GRACE programs.

Our thanks to Robert Earley and everyone at JPS for all they do in the community, and especially for  braving one of the hottest days of the year to help serve our clients.

Volunteers are always needed at Donation Station, please email