GRACE was honored to welcome the team at Johnson & Johnson to support the mission of GRACE at the Food Pantry.

Johnson & Johnson aspires to make a profound impact on reducing infant and mother mortality rates around the world, along with the support and tools to see local families thrive.

The monthly struggle with competing financial priorities or unforeseen circumstances makes it difficult for many families to reach a healthy place.

The total estimated cost for diapers and wipes for one child approaches $1,100, and baby formula can set a family back $150 or more a month for mothers who aren’t able to breastfeed or do not produce breastmilk.

With the average number of children ranging from 2-3 children per GRACE household, the residual costs can be detrimental to a family that relies on a fixed income to make ends meet.

That’s why the GRACE Food Pantry also dispenses toiletries, baby products and other non-food essential items to alleviate the cost burden for families in need.

This campaign is only possible from the generosity of families who desire to share their blessings with others.


Host a client baby shower

Businesses, civic groups and church groups have employed their creative energy to host baby showers on behalf of clients. The group puts a wish list or registry together, and guests bring the items on behalf of expectant mothers or mothers of infants.

Add baby items to your shopping list

The GRACE Food Pantry is always in need for diapers, especially in larger sizes 5 & 6. Baby item donations are accepted at the GRACE Food Pantry, 837 E. Walnut Street in Grapevine during operating hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 12:30-5:30 pm

A heartfelt thanks to the Coppell team at Johnson & Johnson for providing support at GRACE!