Volunteer service can be a rewarding, teachable and memorable for the givers as well as the recipients. That’s why GRACE works to connect people with tangible service opportunities that highlight their own unique abilities to an extent that best suits their lifestyle.

Bi-monthly volunteer orientations are offered year round to newly-interested volunteers and volunteer veterans who are returning from a few years off. The one-hour orientation gives a quick glimpse of our services and collaborates with you or your group for the best approach to serve those in need.

In the meantime, here are some helpful questions to consider when it comes to volunteering:

What am I most passionate about?

We all have varying experiences that give us a special heart or burden for a distinct cause or service.  If you find satisfaction making great strides behind the scenes, you might enjoy volunteer service at Donation Station or one of our three resale shops, which are all in high demand for volunteers.

Do you have a heart for geriatrics? You would be an ideal fit to service in our Friends & Family senior program. Are you the designated family member that keeps the refrigerator tidy? There are plenty of products to sort and prepare for our clients! Still, others might find great satisfaction in hosting a collection drive with their co-workers for new socks or toiletries (no orientation required for collections).

Find a summary of our various programs here.

What are my skills?

Volunteers are a vital part of our operations, and one of the most encouraging aspects of the agency is its ability to employ all resources of a group or individual regardless of age, income or physical ability.

Once you’ve given prayerful consideration about what you care about, think about what transferable skills you have and what delights you during your day. Is it being relational with others? An act of kindness to brighten someone else’s day?

Some volunteers enjoy engaging customers face to face, while others might prefer solo tasks sorting food or clothing. Some volunteers might want to utilize their professional backgrounds to empower clients through job training or financial education. The Community Clinic, for instance, is always in need of medical professionals to assist with patient care.

Maybe nothing comes to you instantly, but the orientation might help you connect the dots between our services and the talents you have to offer.

How much time do I have?

We all lead lives with competing schedules, which is why our volunteer orientation typically lasts one hour or less. You might be amazed at the time you are able to carve out to invest in something rewarding, or you might feel compelled to give your time to other commitments and give back in other ways.

If you have recently retired and are able to engage with GRACE on a regular basis, ongoing shifts can be scheduled to connect your talents with the needs of others. If you are part of a group looking to garner service projects, relationship-building exercises, or a parent wanting to instill servant values in your children, projects great and small are available throughout the year.

Some volunteers may have the flexibility to schedule weekly shifts to help clients feel welcome and supported as they shop at the Food Pantry, while others can allot one day for a special project.

When can I get started?

If volunteering is something you care deeply about, there is no reason to wait! Orientations are also open to those who may not be ready to make a commitment, but want to weigh their options.With few exceptions, all volunteers are asked to attend orientation before serving.

We hope you’ll consider engaging with the community with the GRACE family through volunteering—families in need will be grateful you did!


Things to know before you come.

*Please note that volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature on the application prior to volunteering.