Albertsons Grocery Manager Darrell Nickerson filled the GRACE Pantry truck yesterday.

Like a typical week here at GRACE, earlier we asked for your help in filling the shelves at the GRACE Food Pantry, and yesterday Albertsons-Colleyville (4000 Glade Road) called with a massive donation!

The gift was the first part of their Souper Bowl of Caring campaign proceeds. Through Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, Albertsons is giving their customers the opportunity to buy bags of groceries for those in need. Each pre-filled bag contains protein and nutrient-rich staples such as tuna, soup and vegetables.

Yesterday’s gift from Albertsons included pallets of corn, green beans, peanut butter and macaroni and cheese. All were added to the Food Pantry shelves, but the Pantry Needs List mentioned earlier includes so many other items.

Our thanks to Albertsons Grocery Manager Darrell Nickerson, and his staff who loaded the tons of food in the cold conditions.

If you visit Albertsons in the next few weeks, please thank Darrell and the rest of the Albertsons family for the impact they are making in this community.

Last year Souper Bowl of Caring teamed up with 303 groups across North Texas to collect over $1.6 million in cash and food items for families in need through local food banks, including the GRACE Food Pantry.