GRACE has been incredibly fortunate this year to receive overwhelming Back to School support from local churches and groups! The most pressing need in our current Clothing Room inventory is new and gently-used shoes for elementary-aged children.

As all parents know, children practically live in their sneakers, and shoes are an essential apparel item that a student can utilize most of the year.

Here are some ideas to meet the needs of our children for the schoolyear:


The new schoolyear is a great learning opportunity to talk to your children about their peers whose families might be struggling to make ends meet. If you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes for your children, consider purchasing an extra pair that could go to another child who is the same age.

While you’re scouting out the latest sales, please be watchful of shoe sales, since this is the best time of year to purchase. If you know of a retailer that might be able to provide shoes in bulk quantities at discounted or wholesale rates, we’d love to hear more.


We can always count on our wonderful National Charity League (NCL) community to serve in various ways. Several volunteers from NCL Southlake spent time sorting and stuffing backpacks for next week’s Back to School fair.

Each backpack carries essential supplies for children from elementary age through high school. Historically, GRACE has dispensed up backpacks for up to 350 schoolchildren each year, and meets the Back to School clothing needs of approximately 1,000 children.



We were overjoyed to receive over 600 packages of new underwear from St. Laurence Church in Southlake. Congregants were encouraged to purchase a package on behalf of their family and place it in a collection bin.

Monetary funds were also collected for the Clothing Room to meet ongoing needs for Back to School apparel.

New socks and underwear are much-needed, often overlooked clothing essential for growing children whose parents may feel the stress of purchasing multiple items for all of their children. GRACE feels privileged to help alleviate this burden and give a child the confidence he or she needs to start a new school year with proper necessities.


There are still volunteer opportunities for Back to School needs. We’ve created an updated school supply list if your group or family wishes to sponsor supplies for children. Ideas can be found here

Thanks to all the groups who have generously donated to children in need!