Sometimes the hardships of our community as a whole can feel too overwhelming to remedy, and often we are asked how families can make a tangible difference together.

Fortunately, there are many ways families can work together to lend a hand up to other families facing hardship in a way that blesses the giver and receiver.

Here are three opportunities to involve your family that will make an impact before we reach the end of next weekend:

Cultivate growth at the Community Gardens

The GRACE Community Garden is hosting a Garden Service Day next Saturday, June 24, from 8:00 a.m. until lunchtime.

The morning will be spent planting tomatillos, pruning tomatoes, and planting melons and cucumbers.

Garden Service Days are crucial to the success of the initiative to provide wholesome, organic produce to families facing hardship at the GRACE Food Pantry. Sign up here.

Want to see what a tangible difference Garden Days make in the lives of families? Check out Our Mouths Are Watering, Our Hearts Are Full to see how one family utilized produce and kitchen staples from the Food Pantry to bring hope and laughter to their table.

Stock the Food Pantry at Big Daddy’s Ship Store

Big Daddy’s Ship Store is hosting a charity event to collect food and donations to benefit the GRACE Food Pantry. The event is happening on Tuesday, June 20 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Scott’s Landing Marina Club Room (neighboring Big Daddy’s) for barbeque and live entertainment. Find more details here.

Let your children shop for Back to School needs

Summer affords more time to talk to your children about their peers whose families might be struggling to make ends meet. Having little helpers shop for Back to School needs for a child his or her own age encourages empathy and perspective.

You can find this year’s Back to School shopping list here.

Historically, GRACE has dispensed up backpacks for up to 350 schoolchildren each year, and meets the Back to School clothing needs of approximately 1,000 children.