Connor Murphy asked his friends to give toys, housewares and clothing for GRACE Transitional Housing for his 7th birthday party.

A birthday is usually a time for self-indulgence—a time to accept good wishes and gifts from other people.  Yet, this was not the direction taken by a recently-turned seven year old boy.

Like most children, Connor Murphy wanted to have a birthday party, but unlike most children, he didn’t want his friends to bring him gifts—he wanted his friends to bring donations for GRACE Transitional Housing.

His friends were very generous! A huge collection of bedding, clothing, toys, and other items was amassed. Connor’s wish for his happy birthday made many other people happy.

The next time someone wishes you Happy Birthday, you should be happy and celebrate your  life, but remember that the actions you take throughout your life can impact the lives of others.

Please remember Connor and his simple wish to help others on his birthday. His generosity can serve as an inspiration and example to us all.