When Primrose approached GRACE about ways to serve, we fell in love with the idea of their children collecting books for other children who are less fortunate. Primrose School at Hall Johnson, together with a community group from 121 Church, collected a library of approximately 150 children’s books to go to the families in GRACE’s Transitional Housing program.

Extra devotional and inspirational books were also collected for the single mothers in the program. The parents, children and staff personalized each book with stamps, stickers, bible verses and encouraging messages to the clients.

GRACE Accountant Amy Jensen was the liaison between GRACE and the two groups. When asked what she garnered from this experience, she writes, “It’s brought me so much joy to share the mission of GRACE by building relationships and spurring others to make an impact within the realm of their own passions.”

The school has hosted collected drives for the Food Pantry for our Holiday Food Drive, and as conversations grew so did the heartfelt desire to instill a community mindset with their young pupils throughout the year.

A special thanks to our tiniest and sweetest of donors, Primrose School at Hall Johnson, 121 Community Church and Amy Jensen for their thoughtful donations!

It’s never been easier to host a collection drive at GRACE. Contact Chelsea Rose for resources to meet the real time needs at all our programs.

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” –C.S. Lewis