GRACE staff members participate in “speed dating” during the annual retreat this week.

GRACE’s annual staff retreat is a day of fellowship, personal growth and reflection that refreshes our focus on our particular role in the GRACE mission. This year we reflected on all of the reasons we have to be grateful, as a person, as a staff, and as an agency.

This retreat was particularly moving with a focus on the “why”. Most everyone knows about GRACE’s “what”: serving those in need with compassion and guiding them to self-sufficiency.

Each staff member was asked to define “why” they are a part of that mission. Answers ranged from it being “a calling from God”, to it being a way to pay it forward should we ever find ourselves in need—“there but for the grace of God, go I”.

Staff members created “gratitude journals” to express the many reasons we have to be thankful. We are encouraged to visit our journals often, and to begin looking for those moments during each day that make us grateful to be a part of the GRACE family.

GRACE Board members joined in a “speed dating” session during which individuals sat face-to-face to express their purpose and those things in their lives they appreciate.

The staff took the opportunity to ask questions and gain a richer perspective on each aspect of the GRACE mission, its importance to those we serve, and to the community in general.

The GRACE staff appreciates those in the community—our donors, volunteers, shoppers, and supporters, that join in the mission of helping others. Of all that we have to be grateful for, you are at the very top.