Louie Murillo, owner of the Grapevine Santa House approached GRACE a few weeks ago and said he wanted to do a fundraiser for us…his small Christmas idea has now snowballed into a massive fundraising event receiving national media attention.

The original goal was to use his unbelievable Xmas decoration skills to help raise money for our Christmas Cottage which provides gifts to hundreds of local families. Since the project has been announced he has blown past every goal that he set for Grapevine Santa House. Now at over $15,000 raised we are starting to see big money donations from local businesses. TXU, Paycom, Pegasus Logistics Group, and Sam Pack’s Five-Star Subaru of Grapevine have made MASSIVE contributions to this effort, not to mention the donations that the Murillo family are making personally.

This whole project is a wonderful example of the Holiday spirit and the power that one person has to truly make a huge impact on their community. GRACE loves projects like this and stands in awe of the massive generosity of individuals and families like Louie’s.

But we aren’t the only people that think this effort is amazing…local media have been reporting on this story almost from the beginning but now the national outlets have come calling. Saturday night at 6:30pm Louie and the Grapevine Santa House will appear on the NBC Nightly News! To add a cherry on top of this wonderful news, GRACE and Grapevine Santa House will appear on Good Morning America with T.J. and Amy on Christmas Eve!

We couldn’t do our work without amazing, giving people like Louis and the local companies that step up every time we need them to help support a wonderful cause.

Drive by Santa House this weekend, watch the story on NBC, and if you can, participate in this Christmas miracle.

To learn more visit GrapevineSantaHouse.com