When families are in distress in our community, you won’t spot a figure swooshing from the sky with a cape and mutant superpower. You won’t hear the roaring engine of a batmobile or spot a vigilante swinging from building to building.

When a family is in distress, a true superhero comes quietly through the backdoor wearing an apron, clinic lab coat or work boots. A true superhero stands attentively for customers, sits patiently behind a desk and offers a lending hand to a client in need.

To the volunteers who were able to celebrate with us this morning during our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast and those who were unable to attend, we hope you know how precious you are to the work at hand.

We could never extend our gratitude far enough or give enough accolades for the work that you do, although we know that’s not the reason you serve. There are some special superheroes who went above the call in 2015 that we would like to publicly recognize:

 GRACE Volunteer of the Year: Linda Slocum

Linda is an incredible volunteer and dear friend of GRACE. Linda is one of the warmest, friendliest people anyone could ever know, and invests hours of energy in every department.

In particular, Linda loves helping at Christmas Cottage and spends countless hours merchandising our resale shops. On top of her frequent volunteer service on-site,  Linda serves as a liaison for her church. She is constantly informing parishioners of the needs at GRACE and recruits volunteers and manages collection drives.

Linda has a heart of gold and is always the first to offer a hand to those in need. Congratulations Linda!

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast Photos to come!

This year’s volunteer awards were presented to:

  • Volunteer Group – CWS Corporate Housing
  • Volunteer of the Year – Linda Slocum
  • Food Pantry – Patti Lynch
  • Clothing Room – Louise Young
  • Emergency Assistance – Dean Hawks
  • Donation Station – Doris Rowell
  • Compass Donation Center – None
  • GRACEful Buys Grapevine – D’Ray Rice
  • GRACEful Buys Euless – Dianna Blythe
  • Style & GRACE – Janet Lewis
  • Medical Provider – Margaret Nguyen, MD
  • Friends & Family – Doug Canter
  • Board Member – Mark Moyer
  • Transitional Housing – Curtis McGhee- DC Automotive
  • Development – Judy Ingram
  • Youth – John Coyle
  • Special Events – Stacey & Kevin Chase
  • Seasonal Programs – Jill Tate