Our online retail store GRACEful-e is celebrating its first year of business! The store lives on eBay and serves as our organization’s first venture into digital commerce, allowing us to spread our sales footprint across the globe.

The site is run by our Internet Sales Manager Dorcas Holloway.

“We started off with only 300 items and we’ve grown now to over 1,400 items,” said Dorcas.

“It’s full of cool and unique items – I love it.”

Our eBay store is full of fun and unique items ranging from collectibles to truly one of a kind vintage items.

“The range is what makes it so special in my opinion,” Dorcas added. “We just sold a vintage Armani suit but we have cool watches, KISS collectable items, expensive handbags, games, books, china patterns and crystal, we even have a vintage shovel…I could go on and on!”

Dorcas started her work with another popular online store years ago, managing stores in 4 different states and came to GRACE in February of last year, specifically to work on our online retail presence.

The birth of the store happened to coincide with COVID and provided a great way for us as an organization to stay relevant and keep money flowing back into our programs which is the sole purpose of our stores.

GRACE Director of Resale & Operations, Jennifer Rawls is excited about the potential GRACEful-e has.

“We’ve learned a lot this year and are excited to watch this store continue to grow,” Jennifer said. “It’s also exciting because Dorcas will move her office into our new Texan Trail Donation Station location which is opening at the end of the summer. That will really help us make sure the best items get online fast.”

So much has been accomplished over the last year but the future of our virtual store could be the most exciting thing about it.

“Over the next year I want us to double in size so we can compete with other big name non-profit e-commerce stores,” Dorcas said. “We have the products and I think we can do it – GRACEful-e is great for both the customers and the community. I’m very excited.”

If you haven’t shopped at GRACEful-e before stop by today and find something you love!